Monday, October 23, 2006

Groupings for Project 2: Ad Analysis

Click here to see the list of groups for Project 2.

There should be a total of 9 groups. Each group must have at least 5-6 members. Some groups still have not given me their chosen commercial (name of commercial). Please let me know by Wednesday, October 25, 2006.

Presentation Details

1. Date of Oral Presentations: October 30 and Nov. 1 (Draw lots)
2. Time Limit for each group: 10-15 minutes. Grade deductions will be made if presentation exceeds this time limit.

3. Order of presentations must follow the Introduction, Body (explanations/discussions), and Conclusion (wrap up)format. Every member must present.

4. Each group must submit the following presentation materials by October 30, 2006:
4.1 Powerpoint presentation material
4.2 a copy of the commercial (wmv, avi, mpeg format)
4.3 A paper that discusses the main issues included in your oral presentations. This paper is an extended and expanded version of your oral presentation. This paper must be explicit; it should clearly and coherently discuss the issues in a more detailed manner. Please use 'We' instead of 'I'. Your paper must have a 'group' tone instead of chunks of individual presentations compiled into one paper.

4.4 All these materials must be saved on a CD with members' names and topic

5. Students will receive a group grade and individual grades.


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