Thursday, March 08, 2007

Assignment for March 12: English as an International Language

Watch the video lecture of Larry Smith and prepare a sentence outline based on the details that Smith mentioned in his lecture. You need to expand this outline with details. Write the details in full sentences.

The word outline is provided below:

UNIT 1 Larry Smith’s Lectures
I. My Current Perspective on EIL
* Historical Perspectives
* Key Concepts
* Future of English as an International Fu
* Language and Further Studies

II. Development of EIL Concept in the 70s
* East West Center Participants
* Understanding each other

III. New Principle:

IV. Changes in the Last 30 Years Changes in the Last 30 Years •

* EIL to to World World Englishes
* Kachru’s Three Circles
* Increase in acceptance of Types of Native Speakers

I. Controversies
* Total Number of English Users
* Definition of Definition of “fluent”
* EIL as Instrument of Neo-colonialism and colonialism and Linguistic Imperialism

II. Question of Intelligibility •
(Past, Present, Future)
Dimensions of Understanding
• 1. Intelligibility
• 2. Comprehensibility
• 3. Interpretability


III. Miscommunication Prevention
* Literatures in World Literatures in World Englishes
* Professional Associations
* Future of English

Click here for an example of a sentence outline.


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