Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Each of us from different cultural backgrounds has a unique way of doing things, analyzing situations, and reacting to circumstances. Our individual way of viewing a situation is called 'perception'.
Genzel and Cummings, 1994. Culturally speaking.

Perceptions can be changed depending on how one looks at people, things and events. This difference in perceptions makes up cultures.

Let's test this theory. Look at the following pictures and tell me what you think. You could send your response by clicking on the 'comments' button below.

Many factors (including experience, expectations, and physical, emotional, and psychological influences) affect what we perceive. Personal experience, emotion, and motivation are also important in determining our perception. Experiments have shown that the perception of form, color, pain, and touch differ between cultures and age groups. Therefore habits, customs, and education also influence perception.
Source: The Learning Curve

Here's another photo from analytictech.com

More optical illusions are available at the literarylink.com.


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